These policies and procedures along with the service agreement and booking and information forms, form the agreement between myself the 'service provider' and yourself 'the client'.


Rates are as stated and are not negotiable.
Homeboarding - rates are highly competitive and are priced per day, not by night. For example if you are away 10 nights but return in the afternoon of the 11th day, you will pay for 11 days boarding.
All dogs must bring their own food, collar /lead and comforter, such as a blanket or toy which smells of home and will help them settle in. You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred ie additional food, should you fail to provide enough. Should this be the case, I will make every effort to contact you by text message, phone and email to inform you that I will be purchasing more. In this case, should the brand you usually use be easily and readily available, this will be purchased and the cost billed to yourselves. I cannot however, guarantee that it will be purchased at the same price you would usually pay, as time will be a factor and any supplies would be acquired from the most local and convenient source. Should your usual brand not be available, I will provide your dog with a substitute meal plan at your cost. Again, every effort will be made to discuss this with you through text message, phone call and email, however, if you are uncontactable, I will make this decision in your absence.


Both you and your pet and myself are entitled to periods of holidays, allowing us to spend quality time with our friends and family – and that includes our four legged members of the family!
If you are going away on holiday or do not need your dog walking or other pet services provided please provide no less than 14 days notice, otherwise the full fee may be required. If you would like to guarantee your dog walking space is held for your return a retainer fee is required. This will form 50% of your usual fee for the duration of absence. This should be paid in full before holidays commence. Failure to do so may result in you losing your dog walking space.
I will advise you at least 14 days of my holidays. You will not be charged for this period.
Please see the pricing page for prices of national and bank holidays as a supplement is required for these dates if services are available.


As regular clients, both you and your pet count on my consistency and routines and I am committed to providing a reliable service. Given the physical nature of my business, there may be occasions where I am unwell and unable to safely perform the pet care services I carry out for you. Should this be the case, I will contact you by phone or if you would prefer text, as soon as possible. If I am unwell and unable to work I will not charge for the days and services I am unable to provide. I will commit to keeping you updated by text message, phone or email as to my recovery in order for you to effectively plan for my absence.


In the event of clients deciding to cancel a service 14 days written notice must be given. If 14 days notice is not given then:

  • 100% of the Fees are due if cancellation occurs less than 48 hours of the scheduled service;

  • 50% of the Fees are due if cancellation occurs between 48 hours and 14 days of the scheduled service


Should you no longer require to use my services, 28 days written notice is required, as stated in the service agreement.
Leading Walks reserve the right to terminate the agreement at any time if the terms stated in policies and the service agreement are not adhered to. Following termination, full payment for any outstanding services, should be paid immediately. Once full and final payment has been received, customer’s house keys will be returned. Keys are not held indefinitely, should we fail to hear from you within a reasonable timescale, keys held by Leading Walks will be destroyed.



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